Watch Drone Deliver Coffee To Beachgoers In Dubai

Watch Drone Deliver Coffee To Beachgoers In Dubai

Watch Drone Deliver Coffee! Everyone meet the Coffee – Copter!

Have you ever sat at the beach sweating from the scorching sun and thought to yourself “an iced cold drink would be perfect right now?” Now imagine that cold drink being delivered to you by a drone! Everyone meet the coffee copter!

Lucky customers in the Kite Beach area of Dubai tried the delivery service for a day, receiving an instant blast of cool refreshments from the new Frostine and Cold Brew range. It only takes 15 minutes to receive it after you place your order!

Head of marketing at Costa Coffee said “Dubai is known for leading the way with innovative technology and drones are the next frontier for instant delivery. Our customers told us they’d love to have their favorite drinks dropped off by drones, so we’re super excited to have successfully tested this service, enabling beach-goers to enjoy ice cold beverages without leaving the comfort of their sun loungers.”

As of now the Coffee Copter delivery service is still in a trial stage but they wanted to test it out due to high demands on social media.

I say…take as long as you need because the last thing we need is for someone to order a hot cappuccino or macchiato and the drone malfunction. That wouldn’t be pretty.

What do you guys think of the coffee copper and is it something you think you’ll use? Let me know in the comments below thank you for watching!