Man Caught At Airport Smuggling Two Pounds Of Gold In His Butt

Man Caught At Airport Smuggling Two Pounds Of Gold In His Butt

A man was caught smuggling 30,000 of gold in his rear end at the airport!

A suspiciously acting man traveling through a Sri Lankan airport was stopped by security officials who discovered an estimated $30,000 worth of gold stashed in his rectum. The unnamed man was waiting for his flight to India Sunday when authorities noticed him constantly looking around, causing security officers to stop him. According to an official he was quote “walking with difficulty and appearing to be in pain.”

A more thorough search revealed the man had hidden more than two pounds of gold and jewelry in four plastic bags inside his rectum.The official told BBC that they found “gold biscuits, three pieces of gold, six gold jewelry articles and two silver-plated yellow gold jewelry articles.”

Apparently this is common because an airport represent was not surprised at all and said that this is common method of smuggling. After being caught by police, the man said he was a courier for an organized smuggling ring. He was fined $1,500 for the incident and later released.

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