This HARRY POTTER Cruise Is The Most Magical Vacation

This Harry potter River Cruise is the most magical vacation a muggle could buy.

Alright HP fans just imagine for a second that you could attend Hogwarts while floating down a river on a luxurious boat. Well that dream just became reality. Hey its not flying car but all thanks to an American travel company, Barge Ladies we can live out our magical fantasies on a boat.

Next summer the company is offering cruises down England’s River Thames for Harry Potter fans. It is a 6 day cruise that fits up to 8 passengers in four rooms. While you’re sailing on the water the boat makes several stops at places that appeared in the actually Harry Potter films. Like the Virgina Water where Harry meets Buckbeark in Prisoner of Azkaban, Warner Borther studios to check out all the costumers, props and sets as well as The Great Hall at Oxfords Christ Church also known as Hogwarts itself. I am getting excited just talking about it!

This dream excurrsion will cost you a pretty penny listed at $4,190 a person. The Harry Potter river cruise has two sailings Aug 5-11 and Aug 29-25 so if you so if you have as many galleons as Harry himself you better start booking now!

As for the rest of us…I guess we better start saving now.

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