Eating Grasshoppers!

Eating Grasshoppers!

Don’t knock it till you try it.

Eating grasshoppers… the rest of the world gets it, grasshoppers – among other edible bugs – is a staple for many international cultures. Here in the states you say the word insect and the reaction you will most likely get is “ew.” Today I say no to “EW” and yes to protein. Check it out!

What to expect?

I decided to take on this challenge at the Guelaguetza Restaurant in Los Angeles. They don’t give you one or two or three grasshoppers but a tortilla bowl size portion. Along with the grassphoppers they serve you tortillas, avocados and cheese so that you can make grasshopper tacos.

Grasshoppers at Guelaguetza
Grasshoppers at Guelaguetza


As you can see I also order a margarita to gain some liquid courage because after all I was about to eat the very thing I used to step on in my backyard when I was a little girl.

Trying grasshoppers at Guelaguetza

My first reaction.

When I initially saw them I was a little grossed out but I popped one of them in and I was pleasantly surprise by the taste. They seasoned the grasshoppers very well and they even had a hint of spice. When I decided to make a taco with multiple grasshoppers thats when things took a turn for the worst. Although the flavor was delicious I couldn’t get over the texture of multiple grasshoppers floating in my mouth. I did finish the taco like the champ that I am but lets just say I wont be ordering grasshoppers for dinner again.


Thank you for stopping by! Let me know in the comments below, what’s the craziest food you have ever tried?