9 Most Popular Airbnbs On Instagram!

Need some inspiration for your 2018 travels? We have your back with these 9 most popular Airbnbs on Instagram.

1. All Bamboo House

Everyone knows the best Instagram photos have great lines and structure; that is why the Bamboo House made it on our list. Set on the sacred Ayung River Valley this house is unique.

2. Honeymoon House

The Honeymoon House lives up to it’s name. Nestled in the woods on the shore of Lake Superior, this home provides everything the North Shore has to offer. The combination of the cold weather, a fire place and incredible lake view this is the perfect romantic get away for you and your special someone.

3. Downtown Tulum

If you aren’t a winter person then you are in luck we have the perfect place  for you! At this apartment in downtown Tulum you can lose the jacket and soak up the sun rays. It’s a magical place where you will find art from renowned Mexican painters At the low price of $63 per night.

4. Secluded Treehouse

This next Airbnb is straight out of a fairytale. This secluded in town treehouse found in Atlanta Georgia was in two of the most popular posts on Instagram in 2017. It is also dubbed as Airbibs number 1 most wished for listing worldwide. With views like this it is easy to see why but it will cost you a pretty penny at $375 a night.

5. Cliff House

Number 5 on our list is a beach front apartment in Australia. At this waterfront location guest have said you can see whales and dolphins swimming from the huge windows. If you are looking to get away and relax this might be the spot for you.

6. A Frame Cabin

Get lost in the woods with this adorable cabin that surrounded by some of the best hiking spots. This A frame cozy cabin is just $126 per night in the US state of Washington. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a triangle?

7. Britain’s Castle

You can be King, Queen, Prince or Princess for a day, a week or as long as you like if you stay in Britains’ favorite castle. The castle has gothic windows, battlements, turrets, stained glass, oak panelling and it will only cost you $153 per night.

8. Hector’s Cave House

Next up we have to talk about Hectors Cave House. This home has been perfectly carved into the unique caldera cliff for more than 250 years. If you stay in a place like this you will be the envy of all your Instagram followers but just be careful you might not want to come back home!

9. Underground Hygee

If you want your Instagram feed to look like a scene straight out of the Hobbit, you are going to like this next one on our list. The Underground Hygge is nestled right into the breathtaking Columbian River Gorge mountain side. Its wondrous view will entrance your imagination and inspire an unforgettable journey. 

Who’s ready for an adventure? That completes our list of the 10 most popular Airbnbs on Instagram! Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite.

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